How to Apply

Apply to any location using our pdf application form:

Apply and submit payment online using our secure online application system:

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If you plan to take a specialty program, you may have to submit an additional application form. Scroll down the page for Specialty Program application forms.

Submit your application(s) to your chosen ILSC location by email, or in person. You can do this yourself, or through your local education agent.
Once ILSC has received your application(s), you will receive an invoice and banking information to arrange your payment.  Submit your fees to ILSC and you will receive your letter of acceptance.
If you need a visa or study permit to attend ILSC, now is the time to apply. You should also coordinate medical insurance to cover the duration of your stay: see the Visas and Insurance section for more info. 

Book your flight and we'll see you soon at ILSC!

For the best experience, we recommend that you start your studies on one of our session start dates, but you can start any Monday during most of the year. The minimum age for general studies and most specialty programs is 16 at the start of studies.  



ILSC's specialty programs may have specific start date requirements. Review your specialty application form for more details.  

Junior Programs:

For ILSC's Junior Programs, students must be between 13-17 years old.


Work & Study Programs:


Volunteer & Study Programs: